About us

Plumpy Balms are made from gorgeous hydrating natural butters and are lovingly vegan.

Valerie Brown started experimenting in her kitchen in 2013 with an idea to make her own natural and vegan lip butters. Years of experimenting with butters, oils, scents and colours finally led to the birth of Plumpy Balms! Our balms are made from natural mango, cocoa and shea butters which gives them a rich creamy feeling on the lips without being greasy or heavy. Our Lip Butters include the amazing rosehip oil which is known for its healing properties. Our Lip Tints have all the great creaminess of our lip butters but enhanced with colour that make your lips stand out that bit more without looking too made up. We hope you enjoy Plumpy as much as us!

All our products are handmade in Belfast, Northern Ireland. We make small batches of Plumpy Balms at a time and use only the finest ingredients.

Plumpy Balms are super moisturising and loved for their silky smooth feel and as close as natural as we can get using only the minimal about of safe synthetic ingredients. Our lip butters are over 99% natural and are made with natural mango, cocoa and shea butter, as well as rosehip oil, a beauty oil that is recognised by beauty experts for its healing properties. They come in 4 amazing flavours which have a more-ish appeal!

Our lip tints are over 98% natural and enhance your natural lip appearance. They are buildable colours so you can achieve either a subtle or stronger look and come in 4 great shades. 

We sell online through our website and attend local makers markets. 

We receive some lovely comments from our customers who love Plumpy Balms are much as we do!